30 CEUs Quick Pack

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Item #: 30 CEUs Quick Pack
Manufacturer: Acupuncture-CEUs.com

This 30 CEUs Quick Pack contains 2 Courses: Advanced Face Color Diagnosis for 15 CEUs, and the 5 Element Patterns for Sleep Apnea for 15 CEUs giving you a total of 30 CEUs.

These courses were previously offered by Acu-free known as the Quick Pack and written by the late Dr. Holmes Kaikobad is approved by the NCCAOM and CA for 15 Credits each.

Your Course Completion Certificate is sent by Email the same day your Quiz Answers are received by our office. All Quiz Answers for all Acupuncture Courses can be emailed to: Staff@acupuncture-ceus.com. Get the Advanced Face Color Diagnosis and the 5 Element Patterns for Sleep Apnea courses 30 CEUs Quick Pack and SAVE! Approved by the NCCAOM and the California Acupuncture Board.

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