Advanced Face Color Diagnosis for 15 PDAs and CEUs

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This is a 15-credit course previously offered by Acu-free and written by the late Dr. Holmes Kaikobad is approved by the NCCAOM, and the CA Acupuncture Board and deals with advance face color diagnosis. Fully Illustrated comprehensive color workbook. The “Advanced Face Color Diagnosis” course for 15 credits is based on the 61st Difficult Issue in the Nan Ching Classic. The face runs Yang channels and can show distinctive color changes due to illness. If identified beyond doubt, the diagnosis becomes obvious. This course teaches advanced skills, making one very proficient in understanding and providing this style of diagnosis. Learn a step-by-step approach through extensive case studies. A “Spirit Healer” is the highest caliber of diagnostician. This class provides you with an understanding and experience of that level of expertise. Understanding natural and abnormal hues on the face and learning which elements and channels are affected.

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