NCCAOM Ethics of Bedside Manners for Acupuncturists for 4 NCCAOM PDAs

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The Ethics Of Bedside Manners for Acupuncturists is a 4 PDA course accepted by the NCCAOM.

This course explains how the well-honed, age old skills of excellent bedside manners in clinic can enhance an Acupuncture practice, improve the trust factor between practitioners and their patients and promote their business.

All Acupuncture colleges are teaching practitioners how to interact personally with patients. And there are seminars in place for doctors to brush up on their personal, doctor-to-patient skills as well.

These skills would be extremely useful to learn and use for Acupuncture practitioners as well. Patients say that they value practitioners who have good bedside manners, which encompasses listening to and answering their questions and showing empathy, sensitivity and compassion when providing care.

This course is an attempt at making clear the ethics of crucial bedside manners between Acupuncture practitioners and their patients as well as other situations that may occur. We will discuss areas of our Acupuncture practice where problems may arise, read examples, and learn how best to resolve them ethically.

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