Treating Arthritis of the Hands with 5 Element Patterns for 15 CEUs

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An estimated 46 million U.S. adults (about 1 in 5) report doctor-diagnosed Arthritis, according to annual estimates. As the U.S. population ages, these numbers are expected to increase sharply. The number of adults with doctor-diagnosed Arthritis is projected to increase to 67 million by 2030, and more than one-third of these adults will have limited activity as a result.

In addition, a recent study indicated that some form of Arthritis affects 1 in every 250 children. Arthritis is a very painful, long term disease. Understand Arthritis through the lens of Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements, with special Treatment Protocols for Adults, Body Points and Auriculo-Therapy Points. This is one of the very few Acupuncture courses on Arthritis presented online today.

Learn how to treat the condition quickly and effectively using easy treatment protocols based on the 5 Elemental Pattern. Earn 15 NCCAOM/California Acupuncture Board Accepted Acupuncture Credits with this course. Study the Workbook, take the Quiz and email the Answers to us. Certificate will be emailed the same day. Save $40.00 with this course!

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