Treating Back Pain with 5 Element Patterns Parts I and II for 25 CEUs

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This is a 25-credit course previously offered by Acu-free and written by the late Dr. Holmes Kaikobad is approved by the NCCAOM, CA Acupuncture Board and the TX Board of Acupuncture Examiners deals with treating back pain with 5 element patterns.

Fully Illustrated color workbook. “Treating Back Pain with 5 Element Patterns” includes the upper and lower back, anatomy, radiology and biomedicine. Back pain accounts for 40% of all acupuncture office visits and presents a variety of symptomology, which can be difficult to diagnose. The workbook consists of an insightful question and answer discussion on the causes of upper and lower back pain. It includes the methods for treating this common debilitating ailment. This course classifies all back pain into the basic 5 Element patterns, to which case-specific details are added with accurate treatments, giving high patient satisfaction and invaluable word-of-mouth. The system is based on the 50th Difficult Issue in Nan Ching.

Treating Back Pain with 5 Element Patterns part II – Back pain can present in myriad ways with multiple symptomatology, making diagnosis difficult. This course develops a basic 5 elemental Pattern which all variations of back pain, which once established, allows for integration of signs and symptoms of the case in hand, so that a final diagnosis is established. The system is based on the 50th Difficult Issue in Nan Ching. Treatment, if the case is approached in this way, becomes easy and effective. The workbook is widely illustrated and includes images, diagrams and X-rays. Case studies include osteoarthritis and sprain.

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