Treating Eczema with 5 Element Patterns for 5 CEUs

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This Acupuncture course teaches the diagnosis, treatment and management of Treating Eczema using Oriental Medicine’s ancient 5 Element Patterns. It discusses the various types of Eczema ailments that are a reality for nearly 30 million American men, women and children, including the anatomy/physiology and psychology involved, the grief which makes it worse, and the treatment protocol which will bring it under control.

This course provides the acupuncture points as well as an Auriculo-Therapy Point Protocol section. A common misunderstanding regarding Eczema is that it is simply a skin irritation or minor inconvenience. Actually, Eczema is painful and can cause severe depression and lifelong physical and emotional damage. According to the International Study of Life with Atopic Eczema, here are some statistics that may help in understanding your patient’s unspoken worries: Over half of Eczema patients are intensely worried about having another Eczema flare-up. 25% of those with Eczema explain that at some point they were teased, mocked, ostracize, or bullied due to their condition—either children at school or adults at their workplace.

This may be because Eczema is a very visible disease. 51% of people with Eczema experience constant or regular depression over their condition. Nearly 15% of those with Eczema relate that they were discriminated against and overlooked for promotions or advancements due to their Eczema. Regarding their relationship with their doctors and medical professionals, two-thirds of people with Eczema relate that they have never talked about the social or emotional component of their struggle with Eczema. 86% of people who experience a sudden spike in their Eczema will intentionally avoid an everyday activity due to the increase.

During an Eczema flare-up, 43% of people are nervous about appearing in public. Those who have Eczema will take an average of 2 ½ days off from work or from school because of an Eczema flare-up. This is one of the very few Acupuncture courses on Eczema presented online today. Learn how to treat the condition quickly and effectively using easy treatment protocols based on the powerful and ancient 5 Elemental Pattern.

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